VALE: Our friend Claire Pinney


Dragon Boat Club member, friend, wonderful woman, caring and positive person, Claire Pinney will be so terribly missed. It was a debilitating tumor that took her sight, and finally took her life in spite of her incredible efforts to beat it, but over the past few months she always showed her friends and visitors her bright smile, and the positive attitude that helped us all to keep our own spirits up so that we could help her keep her own spirit going.


The talking clock she was given was promptly named Cecil, and Claire was continuing to pursue as many interests as possible, making great efforts to attend events such at the Chinese New Year when we had the two boats down at the Chinese Grocery store. (bottom left) She did a Ghost Marathon (above) our Sunday bushwalks (below right), the Regatta at St. Helens and much more.

Claire was an active member of DANTI whenever she could be, and was my willing elf for last year’s Christmas in July, always happy to help, loved to paddle, and to do whatever needed to be done if it were possible.



So, our friend and Club member Clare, we salute all that you did and will remember you with love, will often speak of the things you did, and the pleasure we had in your company. We pass on our sincere condolences to your family for such a deep loss.



And I would like to thank Merran for her heartfelt, excellent eulogy for Claire at the Service on Thursday. The whole Service was a celebration of the life of this vibrant, caring and spiritual woman who has left us all better people for having known her.

Around 14 paddlers from the club gave her a paddle guard of honour after the Service.

Flowers on the Water for you Claire, always in our memories.

Beth Sowter.

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