Vale: Becky Barney

Our Friend and past DANTI Secretary

becky1Judy Rafferty and Becky Barney were staunch members of DANTI in 2008, 2009, with Becky being the Secretary, and Judy being an incredibly proactive Social coordinator.

We had a huge amount of fun events, both paddling and non paddling, and we were very sorry when they chose to move to Canberra, then Bateman’s Bay, but Judy went on to be an adviser on Mesothelioma, and cared for Becky until she was taken from us, on November 11th.

I visited them both in Batemans Bay a year or so ago, and was impressed with their relaxed but vibrant life style there, even though Becky was quite ill.

I was very sorry not to be able to go to Canberra for Becky’s wake, so I am offering my condolences to Judy on behalf of DANTI, and those members who remember Becky with such fondness.

Together for 21 years, Becky was Judy’s best friend and soul mate and I can only say she was one of the best, and I’m very glad she was in our lives, for however brief a time we had.


Story by Beth Sowter