New Members

New Members First Day – Heads Up

This can be done by a delegated buddy.

Times of arrival for each session – at least 15 minutes before ‘on the water’
What to do with keys, handbag, wallet, etc
Show them where to sign in
Where to find paddles and PFDs
How to put on PFD and how it works in the event of an out of boat experience
Type of footwear and clothing that is best suited to the boat, boat ramp, safety, etc
Warm up exercises
Getting the boat to the launch area, how they can help if able
Explain terms – sweep, strokes, paddles flat, paddlers ready, attention, stop the boat, grunt, fast, long and strong, gunnels, hips to gunnels, granny turn, etc. Introduce new members to coach or sweep who might best explain these terms
Demonstrate the different techniques as per the terms listed
Introduce the Boat Captain who will put them in a position on the boat
How to board the boat, not standing on the seats, paddles across the gunnels, step to the centre of the boarding area and sit in the centre of the seat and shimmy across when your buddy gets in
How to number off, to remember your buddy and their number
Who to take their timing from – watch the strokes in front and listen to the drummer
If they need to stop paddling they bring their paddle into the boat, resting the blade on their feet, to prevent clashing, and to protect the blade
How to disembark and warm down exercises
What we do when it it time to pack up, everyone to help
As a member of NERC they can use the gym equipment and rowing machines

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