North Esk Dragon Boat Club

North Esk Dragons Shirt $35.00
North Esk Dragons Singlet $32.00
North Esk Dragons Baseball Cap $10.00
I’D RATHER BE PADDLING Bumper Sticker $5.00

Dragons Abreast Northern Tasmania Inc (DANTI)

Tamar Tittilators Polo Shirt $35.00
Tamar Tittilators Pink Cap $15.00
DAA ¾ Paddling Pants $20.00
DAA Sleeveless Fleece $40.00
DAA Sun Visor $15.00
DAA Luggage Tag $5.00
DAA Hand Towel $10.00
DAA Neck Scarf/Buff $5.00
DAA Lapel Badge $6.00
Dragon Brooch $15.00
Dragon Earrings $15.00
A Dragon’s Tale Book $5.00

Assorted Jewellery at individual prices as marked.

To order, or if you would like more information, email North Esk Dragons for more details.

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